1. Help Me (Joni Mitchell)0:00

  2. Valerie (The Zutones)0:00

  3. Fly Me to the Moon (Bart Howard)0:00

  4. Little White Church (Little Big Town)0:00

  5. Treasure (Bruno Mars)0:00

  6. Good Times (Chic)0:00

  7. What I Got (Sublime)0:00

  8. Feels Like Home (Randy Newman) 0:00

  9. Underneath It All (No Doubt)0:00

  10. Sex On Fire (Kings of Leon)0:00

  11. Need You Now (Lady Antebellum)0:00

  12. Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)0:00

  13. Rearview Mirror (Veronica Puleo… Original)0:00

  14. Vitti Na Crozza (Sicilian Trad.)0:00

  15. Mambo Italiano (Bob Merrill)0:00

  16. Parole di Burro (Carmen Consoli)0:00

  17. Ma Che Freddo Fa` (Migliacci e Mattone)0:00

  18. Volare (Modugno)0:00

  19. Parla Piu Piano (Nino Rota)0:00

The Replicas are the rhythm section on many of these cover tunes 

Featuring Will Brahm (also a member of The Replicas) on Guitar on all the Italian tunes (except Vitti Na Crozza) Tracks 15-19 are from our duet rehearsal recorded with an iPhone ... for fun:)